Christa Arnold

Rae is an AMAZING person and a consumate professional

Rae Drake is the best in the business and is an amazing person. As a first time home buyer but not a young woman, Rae navigated me through a very difficult post-divorce time transition period in my life and she did much more than a loan officer was required to do. She took me under her wing and not only secured my loan, but she made sure we closed in a very short time period, at a good interest rate, she came to my house to sign papers, worked weekends and evenings, calmed me down on the phone, explained numbers and finances when I did not understand, she was compassionate and understanding, Rae went above and beyond her job description. I do not have enough positive descriptors for Rae Drake but simply put, my experience with her was nothing short of fantastic! Rae Drake ameliorated what could have been a very difficult time and process for me in purchasing my home in a timely manner. Thank you Rae for you support, your professionalism, and your friendship. It is refreshing to know that there are people like you out there helping others.